Volunteer Survey 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Bellyful Volunteer Engagement and Communication Survey in June 2018.

The results will help to guide Bellyful New Zealand’s decisions over the next 12 months, and as a benchmark of volunteer satisfaction over the years.

We had 312 responses out of 525 active volunteers around NZ, which is a response rate of 59% – this is 5% higher response rate than in 2017 and well above the industry standard of around 30%.

How would you rate your satisfaction?
It’s great that 91% of our volunteers are satisfied or very satisfied.

This is a 5 percentage point increase on last year’s satisfaction of 86%.

What do you find most and least satisfying about volunteering for Bellyful?
The common thread about what you found most satisfying was “Helping families in need”, followed by “volunteering alongside a great group of women”, “delivering meals to grateful families” and “giving back to your community”.

For least satisfying, the most common answer was ‘nothing’ or left blank; followed by meetings, pressure to fundraise and admin/ compliance.

In a typical week, about how many hours do you volunteer for Bellyful?
The majority of our volunteers (70%) do 0-1 hour per week for Bellyful. However, 6% of our volunteers are giving 6-11+ hours of their time per week to Bellyful. These proportions are very similar to last year.

What role do you undertake?
The majority of our volunteers cook (57%), deliver meals (45%) and help with fundraising (30%).

How long have you been volunteering with Bellyful?
We have an even spread of volunteers, from those who have been a volunteer less than 6 months to those who have volunteered for 5 years or more. This is a change from 2017, and may reflect that we have opened several new branches.

If you receive the Bellyful Buzz newsletter how useful do you find it?
Most volunteers (74%) found it interesting or very informative and interesting.

Next Year is Bellyful’s 10th Anniversary. How do you think we should celebrate it?
We received 196 suggestions! Quite a lot of them were for simultaneous celebrations or Cookathons around New Zealand, or a large marketing event that would raise Bellyful’s profile. The Board of Trustees will be considering your suggestions at their Strategy Weekend.

Do you have any other comments, questions and concerns?

We received 61 other comments with a lot of positive feedback about your Branch Coordinators – which we are porviding directly the coordinators, and the organisation.

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