Click this link and then click Bellyful Tauranga and you’ll be able to see our delivery area, you can zoom right in to see the streets if you live near our boundary lines.

Rose Ross

Co-Branch Coordinator

I’ve been with Bellyful Tauranga since 2016. My husband and I moved back to Tauranga when my daughter was 9 months old and I felt it was the perfect time to look into doing something for myself that I could enjoy outside of being a mother. I loved the practical nature of Bellyful and felt as a new mother that Bellyful provided a great service and support in a time of change that a new baby brings.

I’ve been in various roles in the branch, having started off attending the cookathons and soon after taking over the Recipient Coordinator role which I was in for 3 years. I am excited to be in the co-branch coordinator role with Maria. Our Tauranga branch is one of the busiest branches around New Zealand and I would love to see our branch grow even more and for a greater number of Tauranga families to benefit from a Bellyful delivery.

Outside of Bellyful, I juggle my two children as well as working as a mortgage adviser. I also love cooking, drinking coffee and have recently taken up golf.


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Maria Page

Co-Branch Coordinator

I moved to Tauranga in 2013 with my husband and first child. With a young family in tow I wanted to do something else but couldn't commit to paid employment - this is where Bellyful fit the bill perfectly. It's an organisation close to my heart and something I can relate to all too well! Knowing you have some food handy on those crazy days with a new baby and young family can mean the world of difference.

I've been with Bellyful since 2015, helping in various roles while raising my three young children. Now, with my youngest at kindy, I'm ready to take on more responsibility in our very busy Tauranga branch. I would love it if everyone I spoke to about Bellyful knew who we were and what we did. My goal is to continue spreading the news about Bellyful and encourage others to join our amazing charity.

Other interests include my garden, cake baking, reading and good times with friends and family. I'm also a keen runner and the running captain at the local Mt Runners and Walkers club where you'll find me every Tuesday and Friday morning.


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