Meals where they are most needed

Bellyful is about helping its communities – and never have its communities needed it more.

Over the last month while the Covid-19 situation has developed the charity has been helping to ease families’ stress by making sure many of those who most need them, have nourishing meals in their freezers.

Now that the Alert Level has been raised to 3 and then 4, Bellyful will, unfortunately, have to stop deliveries.

Invercargill’s Recipient Coordinator Gillian Smith has reported that times may be ‘crazy’, but life is going on.

“There are still little babies being born and some very tired mums.”

Gillian made three careful non-contact deliveries on Saturday: “Two of the mums were in their dressing gowns and very relieved to see us, and one was sleeping, according to her husband. They were all delighted and very thankful for their meals.”

Bellyful is delivering for the next 48hrs to a range of whānau, including worried parents with newborns and those self-isolating at home, whether with sick children, premature or multiple babies, or someone immunocompromised in the house.

Many such families may have also lost family support with grandparents self-isolating.

“We deliver meals to families to ensure they feel part of a village and that is so, so important right now,” says Karori Branch Coordinator Jacqui Jago, who has been part of Bellyful for almost a decade.

“Having a baby or young family can be stressful and exhausting at the best of times and right now we understand many families are feeling a heightened sense of anxiety.

“Bellyful is all about ensuring you feel nurtured and connected and we are absolutely committed to continuing to deliver in our communities.”

Jacqui is desperately proud of her volunteer team who she says couldn’t be more willing or committed to helping in our community.

“They all volunteer because they care about families, they understand the need to help in a practical way with meals and they know the importance of giving mums a sense of connection.”

Bellyful needs your support.

We have had to cancel upcoming fundraising events due to COVID-19. And while we hope our funders will continue to support us with grants and sponsorship, we understand that this is a challenging time for them and further support may be out of their control.

You can help us stay on our feet by donating here

Every bit helps – whether it’s enough for a jar of pasta sauce or for 100 meals.

You can volunteer

Once the alert levels drop and we are back up and running, it is likely we will need more volunteers in some areas.

Check your local branch’s Facebook page to see whether they need help to fill that gap.

Our number one priority remains the health of our volunteers, our supporters, the families we support and all our communities.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and respond as needed, following all advice from the Ministry of Health.


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