Leading the Way – At the heart of Bellyful

With a young daughter and as a local councillor, Alex Crackett of Bellyful Invercargill makes time for her role as assistant Branch Coordinator.


“I found out about Bellyful through a friend. I thought, ‘wow, that’s wonderful’. I wish I’d known about it when I had my daughter,” says Alex.

She admits that in those early days of motherhood she struggled and both she, and her daughter could have done with more support.

“I saw the impact Bellyful was having on other mothers and I was so happy to join in and be able to make someone else’s life a bit easier,” Alex says.

Bellyful isn’t Alex’s only community activity. She is also on several boards including Southland Youth Futures, Youth Council and Child, Youth and Family Friendly Committee.

“I see that Bellyful is always a touch point. People mention it and we are well recognised in our community.”

Once elected to the council, Alex was a bit shocked when she realised that she had become a politician.

“It did not cross my mind that it is politics. I just wanted to put my opinions forward and lead in my community.”

As with any busy person, when asked where she finds the time for everything her reply is a simple, “I just do. In the morning I categorise everything and make sure I have time for it.”

The Invercargill branch is thriving had more referrals in the month of June than they have ever had in a month. Alex feels that she and Branch Coordinator Grace are able to use their complimentary skills to build on Bellyful’s achievements. As well as her other tasks within Bellyful, Alex enjoys being part of cookathons, meeting other mums and having a chance to talk about the milestones of their children.

Alex adds, “I love what I do for Bellyful. It is a natural fit with other community initiatives I am involved in. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to help and can use this avenue to give back to the amazing people in our community.”

With everything Alex does, she demonstrates that family and community are at the centre.

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