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Tinne Geens

Branch Coordinator

Hi! My name is Tinne and I just joined Bellyful in the Hutt Valley. I am originally from Belgium and have been living in New Zealand since January 2018. I first fell in love with this beautiful country and its people back in 2008 when I was an international student at Kaiapoi High School. When I moved back to Belgium, I got a degree and worked for a little while. However, New Zealand was always on my mind and I decided to move back here.

I currently work in Upper Hutt as a validation engineer for a pharmaceutical company and in my free time, I like to read, do CrossFit, do Olympic Weightlifting and spend time with my friends. I still had some free time left and what better way to spend it giving back to the community and friendly people of New Zealand that have made me feel so welcome and at home here.

I do not yet have any kids myself, but my sister just gave birth to a little baby boy. Being so far away from my sister and her baby boy is not always easy and luckily my sister has the support of my parents who live close by, but I cannot imagine how hard it must be to not have that help. By helping families with newborns here in New Zealand, I feel like I am indirectly helping my sister and that is why I love to volunteer for an organisation with such a beautiful cause.


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