Click this link and then click Bellyful Franklin and you’ll be able to see our delivery area, you can zoom right in to see the streets if you live near our boundary lines.

Leanne McMurtrie

Branch Coordinator

Many people don't have the support of family and friends nearby in the first few weeks after a baby arrives. The simplicity of providing a meal to families of a newborn or when there is an ill family member means so much. I remember the days when dinner was the last thing I had thought about and how the best laid plans can go to custard when there is a newborn and toddler running around the house!

I love being a Mum but some days are just harder than others! I have enjoyed meeting amazing people, making new friends, connecting with our community and raising the awareness of Bellyful and what we offer. I am proud to be part of Bellyful, and Branch Coordinator since 2012, and look forward to seeing our branch and Bellyful grow. Franklin is Bellyful's original and oldest branch.

Leanne is married to Craig and is Mum to two school-aged boys Jaxon and Zavier and works full-time.


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