Bellyful didn’t judge me on my situation

An overwhelming majority of Bellyful recipients agree that “Bellyful didn’t judge me on my situation” and “Bellyful made me feel cared for”. This is among the initial results of the Feedback Survey we have underway, to assess the impact of Bellyful’s services on the families we support.

In the initial phase, focus groups of volunteers, meal recipients and referrers were interviewed in Porirua and Christchurch. The information gathered in these interviews was used to shape questions for an online survey, which we have now piloted, with responses from over 500 recipients and referrers around New Zealand.

Most of those surveyed had first heard of Bellyful through family, friends or a health professional, and had been referred by one of these. However, over a quarter had self referred.

Over 90% from both groups replied that they would recommend Bellyful to someone they knew. A large number responded positively to the questions about Bellyful helping recipients feel less alone and feeling that they are part of the community.

When asked what they considered Bellyful’s impact, the vast majority of referrers agreed that Bellyful fills an important gap in the services available to families in need. The most noted impact by recipients is that it allowed the parent to focus on caring for their baby.

Bellyful’s Board of Trustees is using the results of this initial survey to help inform our strategic vision and plan for the next 3 years. We are also fine tuning the questions, and will continue to undertake regular surveys of recipients and referrers in the future. We will share more insights with you over time.

It is encouraging that the initial results confirm that Bellyful is providing an exceptional service to many families.

Photo of Lismi – a volunteer deliverer for Bellyful North Shore


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