Enjoying a Challenge – At the Heart of Bellyful

“Babies and food are a good combo,” says Mary of Bellyful’s East Auckland branch. “Doing deliveries and sometimes getting cuddles, well, I’m in my element really.”Mary is ‘an original’ having started with the East Auckland branch when it opened five years ago.


An ex-nurse, ex-early childhood teacher, Mary brings an energy to all she does for Bellyful.
“I love it,” she adds, “It’s my passion.”
Mary’s key phrase is, “If there’s a job to be done, let’s get it done.”
Combine that with, “OK. I’ll give it a go,” and you have an amazing volunteer team member.

“I wasn’t born to be an office girl,” Mary admits, although she works part-time doing the accounts for her family’s business. She’s also a mother, grandmother, cake decorator, gardener, scrapbooker and she enjoys swimming and walking.

Mary says, “Bellyful work has taken me out of my comfort zone but I enjoy the challenge.” One of these challenges was making and handing out samples of Bellyful soup on live breakfast television. Interviewed by Sam Kelway on a cold morning standing in an outside area at Botany Town Centre, Mary had to think on her feet as she replied to his questions.

At the end of the interview Sam asked, “So Mary. What do you think of the soup?”

Mary says, “I just threw my hands up and replied, it’s wonderful!”

Other challenges have included being responsible for social media, not one she enjoyed, “But I gave it a go,” says Mary.
The role Mary fulfils is huge and varied. She is the Cookathon Coordinator, and she organises celebrations, orders the delivery cards and bags, oversees the meals and bread in the main freezer, keeps an eye on the thermometer chart, works on community awareness, and participates in cookathons, deliveries, bake sales and fundraising.

With yet another key phrase being, “Is there anything I can do for you?” East Auckland have a valuable asset on their team and so do our Bellyful families.

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