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Click this link and then click Bellyful East Auckland and you’ll be able to see our delivery area, you can zoom right in to see the streets if you live near our boundary lines.

Shannon Bremner

Co-Branch Coordinator

I am a mother of two living in Beachlands, Auckland with my partner David. In April, I made the decision that when my son started school, I would finish working full time. This left me with the luxury of options and one of these was to work with a charity - Bellyful was already a household name for me, and when Ani Stace asked me to put my name forward as Branch Co-ordinator for the East Auckland branch, I jumped at the opportunity. I moved to co-Branch Co-ordinator in 2018.

I have a long history in office administration and was looking for a volunteer role which would utilise these skills and I felt the BC was a good fit for me. I wasn’t too keen on the cooking side, but after attending a cookathon, I realised how organised and streamlined the process was and thankfully my terrible cooking skills were not on display!

I am very excited to be joining Bellyful East Auckland and working alongside the many volunteers who make Bellyful the enormous success it is today.


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Ani Stace

Co-Branch Coordinator

I have been with Bellyful East Auckland since 2014. I have covered a few different positions suchs as Sponsorship Coordinator, Branch 2IC and now Co-Branch Coordinator. I was a stay home mum from 2012 - 2017 with my two daughters. At the end of 2017 I opened my own gift, coffee and cake shop and now run that full time in Beachlands where I live with my girls and husband Andrea.

After becoming a mother and experiencing first hand some of the trials that come along with that I realised how important having that support for parents is and having meals in the freezer is a huge part of that.

Becoming part of Bellyful has given as much to me after the loss of my own mother in 2014, as I have to the branch. I have made lifetime friends and have enjoyed seeing the East Auckland branch go from strength to strength.


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