Bellyful Conference 2018

The Bellyful Conference and Training Weekend was held at the Brentwood Hotel in Wellington on 18-20 May 2018. Sixty delegates from all over NZ came together for a wonderful weekend of learning, inspiring speakers, sharing ideas, building relationships and future planning.

The two to three delegates from each branch were treated to workshops, discussions and presentations on a huge range of topics, from national strategy to volunteer leadership to social media to hot tips for cookathons. The timetable was jam packed, but varied enough to avoid fatigue. The addition of some incredibly inspiring outside speakers was a brilliant way to gain fresh knowledge and insight. The conference organisers did a great job of planning and running such a big weekend.

The guest speakers included:

• Scott Miller – Chief Executive of Volunteering New Zealand
• Dr Assil Russell – Founder of iCare
• Jacqui Ritchie – Bellyful Founder
• Pat Shepherd – Founder and Chief Doer of Things from One Percent Collective
• Jamie Fitzgerald – Adventurer and Entrepreneur
• Pippa Wetzell – TV presenter and Bellyful Ambassador

It is always fantastic to come together and remember that we are part of something much bigger than just our branch. The passion and commitment of the 60 or so women in the room was uplifting. The input from the national leadership team – Charlotte, Wendy and the Trustees (sounds like a 70s rock group…) was so valuable to clarify where we are heading as an organisation. We are super lucky to have such smart and dedicated leaders.
We had a little time to kick back for some fun and games and socialising too. There were many laughs along the way.
Bellyful is in good shape, with an incredible group at the helm, nationally and regionally. Conference was a brief but important window for us to recognise this and refuel for the next year or two until we meet again.

Words: Andrea Curzon-Hobson



A heartfelt thanks to our generous sponsors and grant providers who made the conference possible by contributing towards the cost of flights, venue, accomodation and equipment. We are very appreciative of your support.

The volunteers who attended the Bellyful Conference were treated to an AMAZING goody bag full of useful items and several tasty treats! Thank you to the genorous support of the following companies and individuals who made these conference packs possible.


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