A Perfect Partnership – At the Heart of Bellyful


“It’s a bit of a novelty being a male at the cookathons,” says Mike Farrimond, Hibiscus Coast’s Cookathon Coordinator. “It’s good to be able to help with the heavy lifting as well as making the pasta sauce and doing the washing up.”.


Mike also has help from Trish, his wife of 47 years. “We’re good partners,” says Mike.
Trish adds, “I’m Mike’s secretary! I help with all the stuff on the computer like booking the house for the cook and seeing who’s available.”

It’s clear they work well together and their team effort makes all the difference. Mike had his own business before retiring and he and Trish moving out to the Hibiscus Coast. They are both still busy with grandchildren and Mike’s hunting and fishing.

Trish says, “I was chatting with my neighbour Carole and she mentioned that maybe Michael would be interested in being the new Cookathon Coordinator for Bellyful as he loves cooking/organising. I also signed up as a volunteer.”

Mike adds, “As a charity I like what it stands for. There’s a lot of pressure on families these days. We had our own business so we know about the delicate balance between work, who looks after the children and having some leisure time.”

Mike and Trish do all the shopping for the cookathons and the prep.
“I like the formula, the way everything is laid out in writing. It’s a very easy system to follow and to manage,” says Mike.


Both Mike and Trish demonstrate their commitment to Bellyful and recently Mike had an opportunity to extend an overseas trip but declined as he had booked to help out at a cookathon.
“I was so glad he did that,” says Trish.

Mike adds, “Just don’t tell my hunting friends about the washing up. I already get a hard time!”



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