Our Sponsors

Bellyful is grateful for the wonderful support we receive from our donors, sponsors and grant organisations, that enables our volunteers to provide meals to families in our communities.

If you are interested in supporting Bellyful then please contact us.

National Sponsors, Partners and Grant Organisations

In additional to our national partners, Bellyful has businesses and organisations that support each Bellyful branch.


Freedom Furniture

Freedom Furniture sponsor Bellyful, by selling an exclusive range of products with all proceeds to Bellyful, as well as collecting donations in store and holding other in store events.


One Percent Collective

One Percent Collective donors give a percentage of their salary to support a number of charities including Bellyful.


Lottery Grants Board

Lottery Grants Board support Bellyful operational and volunteer training, recognition and delivery costs.


Z Energy

Support Bellyful branches through the Good in the Hood programme.


The Warehouse

The Warehouse supports Bellyful branches through the Bags of Difference community programme.


Sky City Auckland Community Trust

Sky City Auckland Community Trust support Bellyful’s operational and training costs for Auckland.


Wellington Community Trust

Wellington Community Trust support Bellyful’s operational costs for Wellington.


DLA Piper New Zealand

DLA Piper provide legal advice and services to Bellyful.


Pelorus Trust

Pelorus Trust are supporting Bellyful’s 2018 Conference.


One Foundation

One Foundation (formerly First Sovereign Trust) are supporting Bellyful’s 2018 Conference.


Pub Charity

Pub Charity are supporting Bellyful’s 2018 Conference.


Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd

Holcim NZ sponsor Bellyful’s website costs.


St Lazarus Trust Board

St Lazarus Trust Board paid for first aid kits and temperature probes for all Bellyful branches.


NZ Post Community Post

NZ Post provide Bellyful with Community Post envelopes.


Jack Jeffs Charitable Trust

Jack Jeffs Charitable Trust support Bellyful operational costs in Wellington.


Sticky Business

Sticky creates and subsidises Bellyful meal labels.


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