Paying It Forward

Claire lives on a farm in Cooks Beach with her partner, Gary, their 11-month-old son, Harvey, and her two stepchildren who frequently come to stay. Harvey was born three days before lockdown started, a scary time for everyone, and especially new mums and families. While Claire relished the time to learn how to be a new mum and not feel any social pressures, it was a challenging time too.

Claire had only recently moved to the area, family members lived over an hour away, and she was continuing to work through her maternity leave.

Claire referred herself for support from Bellyful and was thankful for the meals at the end of her pregnancy and when she returned home from the birthing unit.

“The meals took a huge amount of pressure off me as a mum, and as a partner. I love to cook and bake and am really passionate about this. So the nights I had no energy or simply had my hands full, the meals were a godsend.

“I think a lot of new mums put a lot of pressure on themselves to hold it together and be the perfect mum, and it’s ok to not be that! The meals meant I didn’t have to put extra pressure on my partner.”

This story gets better – since receiving help from Bellyful, Claire has signed up as a volunteer with Bellyful Whitianga.

“My sister-in-law was a volunteer for the Hamilton branch and I saw how Bellyful helped her when her children were born too. I love the concept and I really appreciated the service when I used it. So I want to help other mums!”

Story by Emily Pavey
Image kindly supplied

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