Our Service Performance

Bellyful delivered on its mission to cook and deliver meals to families with newborn babies and families with young children who are struggling with illness, where there is little or no family or social support.

In  2017, we supported 3,344 families – 14% more families than in 2016, and grew the number of meals we delivered by 10% to 19,258.

Read some of our recipient family stories

For more on our Service Performance read our Annual Performance Report


“Thank you so much to the ladies of Bellyful Huntly! I’m so grateful for the meals you have dropped off especially after my surgery when I had baby, it means a lot to us very grateful for your help 🙂 keep up the good work guys!” [Huntly, April 2017, via Facebook]

“This morning in foul Wellington weather Bellyful delivered 3 lovely meals and a tray of cupcakes to our daughter who is 8 weeks a Mother and in serious sleep deprivation which makes learning motherhood and completing the simplest household tasks so difficult. Your kindness has been a real flillip to her and as her parents we are very grateful to you given we do not live in Wellington.” [Wellington, Jan 2017, via Givealittle]

“Well Thank You Very Much to everyone who is involved with this organisation – I had twins on the 10 April and after spending 11 days in NCIU with them we have finally had our first week at home. Last night we received our bag of meals and tonight my two older girls (7 & 3) gave the Mac n Cheese the BIG thumbs up – Thanks for a wee bit of sanity back, if the demanding twins don’t take it.” [Christchurch, April 2017, via Facebook]

“I have a 3-week-old daughter and a 5-year-old daughter and am on my own…I just got some meals delivered. I was almost in tears at how much this is going to help as I only got 2 hours sleep last night and my house is a mess lol. I really appreciate the support. Thank you so much. What a truly amazing thing to do” [Tauranga, April 2017, via Facebook]

“During my own battle with severe illness only one charity was able to help my family. Bellyful provided meals to support my wife, 2 1/2yr old girl, and 8 month old boy at a time when our lives were turned upside down due to major surgery and the recovery. Just a couple meals a week made all the difference and were so very appreciated. I hope this donation helps fund the creation of more yummy meals for a family in need.” [April 2017, via Givealittle]

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