Bellyful is delighted to have Pippa Wetzell as our Bellyful ambassador.

Pippa Wetzell

Pippa Wetzell has been a Bellyful ambassador since early 2011 after being contacted by Executive Director Jacqui Ritchie as she was making a meal for a friend with a new baby. With three children herself she appreciates how wonderful the delivery of a meal can be and still marvels how something seemingly small can make such a difference. She was present at the Royal visit from Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and has attended Bellyful conferences. Pippa presents and reports for long running consumer programme Fair Go.

Jesse Mulligan

Jesse Mulligan is a TV and radio presenter and a long term supporter of Bellyful. Jesse has acted as a host for Bellyful events and helps ‘spread the word’ in the media about the fantastic work the organisation does. He lives in Auckland with his family.


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